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Meeting Time

11:30 am - 12:30 pm
every Thursday


Wings & Ale
Suite C
Outlet Pointe Shopping Center
125 Outlet Pointe Boulevard
Columbia, SC 29210


Columbia Sales Exchange membership is required. Columbia Sales Exchange membership is restricted to one business representative per industry in each group.

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Columbia Sales Exchange was established in 1996 by local professionals with the idea of using

a referral network to expand and grow their businesses.

Columbia Sales Exchange is a group of professional business people helping other members to

expand and build their business through qualified lead generation. There are many business

classifications represented within the exchange, with the potential membership of 35 business


The charter of Columbia Sales Exchange allows each business classification one member. Since

each member can only belong to one leads group, this arrangement fosters open discussion and

confidence within the group. 

The success of Columbia Sales Exchange is demonstrated by the success of its members. In a

past year, up to $5.1 million in annual gross sales have been attributed to leads directly provided

by Exchange activities. Contact Bill Beckwith for more information TODAY!


Thank you for helping

Columbia Sales Exchange give back to the Community!

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